I ordered a BBT thermometer


I'm 15 (nearly 16) and I have absolutely no interest in having children, or sexual relations, at this point in my life. However, having children is such a big deal to me. I'm so excited for the time that I will be TTCing in 10+ years, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and motherhood overall. I also just love learning about my body! I considered ordering some cheapie OPKs, but figured those would be more difficult to explain to my mother (who might think it's a pregnancy test), and harder to take in secrecy, so I opted for a BBT thermometer since it's cheaper, easier to explain, doesn't involve urine, and since I'm not trying to conceive, it's fine that I'm aware of ovulation after it happens. I just want to see what day(s) it usually occurs for my body, or if I even do yet.

I feel like I should think about other things since I'm 15, but I'm OBSESSED with the reproduction system, which is one reason I'm strongly considering being a midwife.