Ex or my mother

Latoya • Excited and nervous pg with my son and a mother of an 8 year old daughter
Ok so I ended things with my s/o prob two months after finding out I was pg. We got engaged but I think it was bc I was pg...at least that's why I said yes. Anyways a month after we got engaged I realized I wasn't happy there were a lot of things I just couldn't deal with when it came to him and his kids. Anyways since then he hasn't really done anything only thing he cares about is finding a way to see me and then all he talk about is how sexy I am or wanting sex and it completely disgust me. I am having a csection and unfortunately only one person is allowed in the room. Anyways I would prefer my mom who doesn't even live here but has helped me so much with this baby and just my health in general with this pregnancy be in there instead of him. I know he will be mad but its gotten to the point where just the site of him annoys me. I don't even want him or his family at the hospital but I won't do that. (FYI I left a lot out in regards to him and i) Would I be wrong to ask my mom instead of him?