Strep B

Crystal • I have two angel babies and a beautiful rainbow baby. Cruz was born 7/11/2016 and is perfect! Thank you Glow!
So I'm feeling really bummed. I tested positive for strep b. I realize that it's just something that occurs in about 30% of women, but I'm upset. I've spent 9 months not taking any medicines in order to keep my baby drug-free. I dealt with headaches and cramps and back pain without taking any Tylenol. I avoided sex and bubble baths to prevent UTIs since I'm usually prone to them. I've been successful for 9 months in not taking anything and now I find out that during labor I'll be pumped with antibiotics. 😢. I've been taking probiotics my whole pregnancy along with my vitamins, so I'm hoping that will help fend off the negative side effects of the antibiotics, but I'm wondering what effect the antibiotics will have on baby. I know that they are necessary because strep B is much worse than the antibiotic effects, but it still worries me. 
Any other strep b mommies deal with this? Did the rounds of antibiotics have any negative effects on baby or you? 
Thank you.