Taking 2 packets of pill back to back

I was wondering if I should take 2 packets of pills back to back. I am currently on my 3rd pack (3rd month) of using microgynon. I always take them on the dot of 130pm except for the 14th pill where I took it 2 hours late. And I've had unprotected sex 3 times in a week during week 2 of this 3rd pack. 
My partner uses the pull-out method but there was once he almost or DID came inside me (however when I use a tissue to wipe myself straight after, it was dry, so I assume he didn't) 
Right now I am left with 3 pills before its my withdrawal bleeding week. Will the 2 hours decrease the effectiveness of the pill? Do I carry on with the 4th pack without a break, OR am I just overthinking about it since I took all my pills at the same time till today with the exception of that 2 hours late pill.