Please give me advice

My husband and I are still establishing ourselves. He's 26 and I am 22. We've been together for over 7 years,married for almost 5 months. We are both still in college, want to buy a house in the future. We are living with his parents right now so that we can save for a down payment on a house because renting is a waste of money. We have a Bucketlist of things that we want to do in life.
On the other hand, we are not like most people our age. We are homebodies, we don't like to go out drinking on the weekends or anything like that. I want nothing more than to be a mother and he defined wants to be a father. Would I love to have a family to come home to every night? Of course.
I also don't ovulate on my own so my doctor prescribed me with clomid and if that doesn't work I am not sure if I am emotionally prepared to go through whatever comes next. 
There are just so many complications but also my want of having a family is strong.
How can I know what would be the right decision or wrong decision? Should I wait or not wait? PLEASE GIVE YOUR HONEST ADVICE. I need it