Fiancé has a previous child the mom went 2 years no contact until she found out I'm preg.

Now she messaged him and said oh I see your having another child how nice etc. she said u never came to look for the baby. Mind you she went to Dominican Republic and he asked her friends and family and she had another baby and a guy. So why now two years later she decides to find him on Facebook and start drama by saying oh I hope you do right by this child.    So I told my guy just ask her if she's willing to let you be apart of the child now 4 yrs old the last time he saw her was 2 yrs. old . He doesn't know the child is 100% his due to her having a bf right after . My hubby had one encounter with her.    She never wanted a Dan test.   I asked him to ask her for one she said ok but the child is in dr and Iam in Puerto Rico.   I'll let you know when she comes back.    Does this even make sense!! He showed me all  the messages between them.