Ok, i realy dont need any judement or nasty comments. Im 13 years old, ive had sex about 10 times with my boyfriend ive been with for 2 years......i my first and only depo shot in obgyn said it would only last till March....i havent been on bith control since that. I had a 11 day period starting may 16th....i have a pretty normal 29 day cycle...and my periods are only 3 days....i had sex June 5, and he says he ejaculated. Today is june 26 and this app says im 10 days late, i have sore nipples, increased urination, fatigue, cramps, constipation, very very moody, headaches (wich i never normally get) I need advice...tested 5 days ago but negitive. Me and my boyfreing are thinking bout ridding our bikes to a clinic with free testing and ultra sounds. ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!