A new perspevtive💕(warning kinda long)

Okay so i am 15 and there have been two major events to change my perspective on life artistically and optimistically the first is when i was very little and discovered how much i liked drawing and painting. My memories from before then were kind of dull like they were tinted with beige and when i found art, i began to see in color. The second is fairly recent, i got together with my boyfriend almost 5 months ago and i really like him he is the first guy that i looked at while dating and out of nowhere made me smile and think " dámñ i love you" and it honestly caught me by surprise. But ever since then the beauty i once saw in the world has become so much more vibrant and warm. I feel like i can trust him with anything and he makes me feel safe. About two months ago i had an anxiety attack and a break down not long after i was in the nurses office ( by then i was there so much they considered themselves my mom ) anyways i sat there crying and one of the nurses came in and asked me what was wrong i told her that when i was walking home from art club a man approached me and tried to rape/kidnap me. Of course she talked to me a bit and found out that i hadn't told anyone(i told my dad later that day) so i sat there feeling filthy and sad for myself but them my bf came into the clinic looking for me. He came to me and made me explain what was wrong, so i did . he looked so pained and he then hugged me until i stopped crying he even offered to walk me home. a few minutes later a couple of my friends came with some lunch for me. He is known for being a dumb stubborn jock and while he is athletic and stubborn at times he is quite smart. He also doesn't like dances or dressing up but what yells me that he cares is that for our 8 grade formal he did and he looked so amazing. I wish i could show him how much he means to me and i want to thank him for giving my life a new vibrant perspective