Tmi bump question (no pic)

I hope this is the correct group to post this in - but I've (tmi) had this bump show up on the outer part of vag lip. It'll go away and come back a couple weeks later. No puss - if I pop it there's only blood. I read online about it could be a clogged duct from soaps or something. It doesn't itch, I wouldn't ever notice it if I hadn't checked things out down there. My husband is gone for the time being and has been for months (work) this didn't start to happen until about 4 months after he left. He's the only man I've been w in years and I trust he wouldn't cheat on me. It doesn't seem anything like what I read about stds but I am confused about it. Anyone have any insight?? 😩 this is the 3rd time I've noticed it come back (always in the same spot also)