I could really use some advice on what to do at this point. I've met with a lactation consultant but I'm still having the issue. Idk of I'm just not doing something right or what. I am 2 weeks pp with my baby girl and having been dealing with a oversupply of breastmilk. Didn't even know that could be a issue but low a behold. I guess it's not normal to pump out 5oz and my baby is only 2 weeks. This is causing the gas issues for my baby due to the mass amounts of milk that comes down when she feeds. I now only feed her laying down because I read that helps slow down the milk coming out. I also bought gas drops which help a little as well. The main issue now is the breast filling up so quickly. I haven't pumped in a day or so. Only feeding now. But I have to express some out into the sink between due to pain from the swelling. I could use some advice on getting my supply to a "normal" level so I can happily feed my baby and not deal with leaking every hour and massively swollen breast.