I think it's getting close!

I have a history of giving birth well before 40 weeks. My 1st was born at 37 weeks & second was born at 36 weeks. So for months I have been getting progesterone shots every week. My last shot was Wednesday . But last night I had to go to L&D to be monitored bc of increasing & strong contractions. They started at 9:30 pm and were 4-8 minutes apart last 1 minute. By 3 a.m they were 1-3 minutes apart & really strong. But bc I'm only 36 weeks & progesterone shots are helping me to not dialate  so they gave me a shot to help stop the contractions & sent me home. I'm still having contractions but they have lessened in strength and are only about 3-4 an HR now. Tonight I've noticed that I'm starting to lose my mucus plug. Only a little bit, not all at once. So really, my baby girl could be here very soon!!