Am I being a bitch?

My boyfriend left to work at 8 this morning. I stayed home with his kids all day until 2:30 and left for work. He got home around 8pm and spent time with his kids meanwhile I was still at work. I got home at almost 11pm , talked for a bit and hopped in the shower. I told Him I was going straight to bed afterwards bc I'm tired as shit!! I'm 22 weeks pregnant, I just want to rest after a long day at work!!  I get out of the shower and I tell him I'm heading downstairs and he was suppose to come with me like he agreed! He then tells me he's going to chill for a bit upstairs with his son. I understand he probably felt bad after seeing his son alone in the living room, but if we're being honest... The kid doesn't even care wether his father wants to spend time with him or not, he's 13! He wanted me to stay and I said NO. He pissed me off bc I haven't seen him all day and we both spent some time with the kids. I would think he wants to spend some time with me since we haven't seen each other all day. But NOOOOO, he stayed upstairs and fell asleep. Mind you, he does not react well when woken up so I said fuck it. Is it wrong of me to be mad at him?