Family controlling my life !!😑πŸ”₯

So me an my bf decided to get our own place after our son was born we planned ro move an hour away back to his home town to help with his parents cause they are sick an alot older then my parents anyways im 20 an my bf is 24 an my mom an sister just my whole family is pissed at me they dont want me to leave at all witch i unserstand but my mom wont talk to me they all are rude to me plus latly me an my bf have decided to have another baby next year cause we want our kids to be close yes were young but we both have good jobs im a hair dresser an he works at a casino makes awsome money we have recently bought a house too anyways we are well off we take care of our son an everything im a good mom an hes a good dad but my parents say if we have another one they will be pissed off at me or they will disown me i asked them why an my mothers response was u sont want to be 21 with 2kids what will ur dads family say i asked her what u mean she said u already have one kid thats born out of wedlock do u want another one ...just to let u no my dads side is religous they believe in waiting til marriage anyways it just feels like my family wants to control me my bf thinks we should just forget them when we move but thats my family how can u forget ur family a part of me knows that will be best but the other doesnt lol just needed to rant 😀