Hi ladies! So I need help! As some of you have dealt with or are dealing with currently, my sperm donor was never in the picture. And up until the age of 10, I never had a stable male figure in my life. Now my mama had me young, as in 16. And I am currently 19. She turns 36 in Oct. So she met her boyfriend who was 20 at the time and she was 27. They were together for almost 9 years. That man has been a father figure and become my step dad (they never married but step dad was easier then Mom's boyfriend). They recently split a week before Christmas last year.

Now I do understand it is my mother's life, and I really have no say. But it bothers me that she left my step-dad due to he wanted kids. But she was one and done. As well as other reasons that is their business but that was the main reason. Now, she has been seeing a guy who is VERY close to my age and she started seeing him back in May. I told her how I felt, and ended up bursting into tears while screaming horrible things (cuss and insults you would probably smack your kid a good one for saying). All she said in response, I quote, "It shouldn't matter what I do. You have your own shit that you have to deal with (talking about my psychological issues)."

It doesn't bother me that she dates. It's the fact that she is going after younger men, preferably closer to my age. Should I just do my best to ignore it or...? My mother is pictured below!