Husband needs convincing...

My husband and I have different views on babies. He is dead set against ever having one but I would like to have one in a few years (not ready for one just yet!!). It's not such a big issue that it would endanger our relationship - we have been friends since we were kids and have a very strong marriage - but it's something mull over occasionally (like when I see a cute baby/child or when I'm hormonal). My biggest issue is that it would take me literally forcing him to accept its inevitability to get him to agree - but I dont want to have kids unless he genuinely wants one too - I just don't think it's fair to force someone into such a huge commitment against their will.
So... My question is: does anyone else have a partner who is/was strongly against starting a family and how did you overcome it? Did you decide to not bother? Talk him into it? Tell him it's happening whether or not he wants it?
Thanks 😊