3 months old won't sleep in her own bedroom

Hi everyone, 
I am trying to transfer my daughter from her Moses basket in our room to her own cot in her own bedroom. Unfortunately, I have no room for her cot to be in my room... I have been trying for the last three nights but she doesn't settle in her own room. Maybe she feels that we are not in the room with her ? For three weeks we have been in France and she slept fine in her travel cot next to our bed. The first night of trying, she used to wake up every 30 mins I put her dummy back in and fell back asleep but then I had to do it again 30 mins later... Ended up in the spare bed downstairs at 3 o clock in the morning. Second night of trying, was a bit better still had to go three times and at 4 o clock my bf gave in and put her back in Moses basket next to our bed then she slept fine all the way til 9 o clock. I thought that I would try one last time tonight so I put her in her Moses basket in her own bed she would fall asleep then Five mins later wake up I gave in after 4 times and put her in my room next to my bed and she is sleeping fine now... Has this happened to any of you ? 
Sorry for the essay... And thank you in advance for your help X