Nasty Neighbors!

To the woman next door who thought she 'anonymously' put a letter in my mailbox. My dog is one of the most spoiled you will meet, sleeps by my partners and my head every night etc. Now in the storms last year a tree fell and broke our 2m high fences and our insurance wouldn't cover it so recently as he is a husky he is now discovering he can jump the makeshift fence we have in place until we can afford to get a new one. I'm a nursing student and work two part time jobs and still can't afford it ! So for approx. four hours a day in the last two weeks we have put him on a 12metre long chain with food water shelter and toys because that is ALL WE CAN DO. 
Your letter you left saying how bad you felt for him etc. only put more stress on me and left me in guilty tears all afternoon! We love our pup, he's our little spoiled pup. Mind your own business. And get a job.