What a stubborn baby

Shes here! .. on August 9th at 39w6d at 1130 at night my induction was started (was diagnosed with gestational hypertension) .. we did not know whether we were having a boy or girl. Went in thinking "start the induction tuesday night.. start Pitocin Wednesday morning and have a baby by wednesday evening" especially because i had been contraction regularly for 2 weeks .. boy were we wrong .. after 3 doses of cytotec (every 6 hours) my cervix was still long thick and closed .. it was now 1030 pm Wednesday night when Cervidil was placed for atleast the next 12 hours .. i was also then given an ambien to sleep as i had now not slept in 4 days .. my biggest fear was at 1030 am i was going to have no change .. i sobbed at the thought .. thankfully by 1030 tuesday morning i was 1cm thin and anterior .. the decision was made to start pitocin and place a cook catheter (if you dont know what that is YOUR LUCKY it is a catheter that has 2 balloons 1 that blows up on the inside of your cervix and the other that is.blown up just outside of the cervix to create pressure and mechanically dialate you .. it falls out at 3 cms) .. was uncomfortable being placed but once was placed felt pretty good was sitting up talking laughing ect and pitocin was started .. within 15 minutes (which wasnt even enough time for the pit to do.anything yet) i was doubled over in tears throwing up shaking ect with contractions 1 on top of the other .. had epidural placed within an hour and was MUCH happier ... within 3 hours i was 5 cms, catheter was removed and my water was broken .. when checked 3 hours later with the hope of being 8-10 i was only 6cms .. was so afraid i was going to now wind up a c-section.. let me sit for another 3 hours (thursday 9pm) which at this point my epidural was loosing effect on my right side .. was checked and was complete (i cried lol) .. baby was not engaged so midwife had my epidrual topped off and told me to take a nap and labor down to let the baby naturally move into birth canal .. finally started pushing at 11:57 pm .. pushed for exactly 50 minutes and out princess Avery was born at 12:47am on Friday August 12th weighing 7lbs13oz ... it is true what they say when a baby is not ready they arent going to come and had i not had a medical complication i would have easily gone to 41 weeks needing to be induced .. 33 hours if induction and another 14 hours of active labor .. i have already forgot the pain that i had endured and so over the moon inlove with her ♡ (she was also born on my Father In Laws birthday who passed away 15 years ago)