Could I develop preeclampsia?


I just saw a post about preeclampsia and everyone asking questions and telling their stories but I wanted to make my own post and tell my own story and see what you guys think.

Has anyone been diagnosed with preeclampsia without the high blood pressure? Someone in the other post listed headaches and seeing spots as symptoms they had before their diagnosis. Well it's been a week since I've been over the headaches but before that I had horrible headaches/migraines every single days for a weeks and a half. Sometimes I see white floating spots, like little fireflys floating around. I get dizzy when I'm walking. Like when I go to walmart, I'll be walking and shopping and I'll have to focus on what's in front of me or I'll get light headed. Like if I were to turn around and look at something and then return to facing forward I'll get dizzy. That's weird right? I don't have high blood pressure. I did have a couple of readings that were 140/70 and one was 130 something over 80 something. Am I at risk? Or would I have high BP alot and also protein in my urine. Thank you :)