advice. what would you do?

Okay, so I've been very close friends with my friend, we'll call her Meg, for over ten years. Since we're long distance friends, most of our correspondence is via Facebook messenger and texting when she's available to do so. Recently we had a huge falling out, and it isn't the first time it's happened. 
Basically, she got angry with me because I did not respond to her messages quick enough, and I didn't completely agree with her religious point of views, even though we are both Christian. And I also denied a friend request from her mother, who is an end-times enthusiast who insists that Jesus is coming back before the election.  She flat-out told me that I'm too much into the world lately and was angry I didn't befriend her mother. 
I explained to her that I am very passionate about Jesus, I've done youth ministry for 4 years with my husband (taking a sabbatical    right now) and that I'm friends with her, and not her mom. And that she shouldn't be offended by the fact that I would rather just not be involved with her mom, because I'm friends with her, not her mother. 
Well what sent her over the edge was when the whole Target transgender bathroom fiasco started. My husband works for Target, and though I got a lot of flack, I took sides with target and stated we as Christians need to love others, while we disagree with the sin. (Again, I'm not here to debate the target fiasco, and if you disagree that's totally okay with me! Much love💕) but when she replied to a post I made about it, I did not feel like arguing it publicly with her, so I chose not to respond to the comment she made. She got so mad and told me "this is the last straw, ignoring me like that!" 
So I basically told her that was fine. If that was the last straw for her, I was done. I told her to have a blessed life and I blocked her on Facebook. 
But she reached out to my mom today asking her to tell me she was sorry, and that things have changed... What should I even do? Of course I've forgiven her! But should I even try to befriend her again?