coming out

So today my 12 year old sister decided it was time to tell me and my parents that she wasn't sure if she likes boys the way she liked girls. Now when I was 14 I was forced into coming out to my parents and telling them I am bisexual and my mom did handle it the best. But me and my sister were in jcpennys and she says to me "Ally, your bi right" and I said to her "yeah why?" She goes well I think I might be bi too. We went on throughout our shopping trip and I just asked her questions about it. Later that day at my grandmas house she comes out to me and says "I told Tristen" tristen is our stepmother. I was scared for her to tell Tristen because of the way she reacted with me. But we were talking and she goes "yea now that I think about it I really don't like boys, maybe that's why I'm always best friends with them." I'm not very happy with my parents with how they reacted because they told my 12 year old sister that is trusting them with that that she was going along with me. My parents may not be as supportive as me but I'm so proud of her for being brave enough to tell them. All of my friends that have gone through that are extremely proud of her even the ones that have are. Yet she sat and said to me.... Do Tristen and dad still love me.... That broke my heart. No little girl despite the situation should ever question whether their family loves them. 
If you read all the way to the bottom.. Comment and sorry for the long Story.. Just need to say it.