What if


So, I am a what if momma. 4th pregnancy here. Last 3 were delivered by cesarean. So of course this one has been planned as such. But what if I go into labor beforehand? What are the risks? I've heard of uterine rupture due to so much scar tissue and honestly it terrifies me.

Or what if the spinal block does not work? With my first child (i was 17) the epidural was places wrong and gave me a minor heart attack. With my 3rd, the spinal block had a bad reaction, as soon as I was laid back I got a sharp pain through my brain and I felt the entire surgery. The doctors didn't believe me...

.:-( so I had to feel the whole thing.

I know many will say these are normal things to worry about, but they aren't actually. Women on their first child don't even consider these things happening.

I knew that becoming pregnant would be a risk, but my fiancé and I wanted a child before I had to be "gutted" thanks to genetics. He/she was fully planned. Even with our very large family. (i have 3 from previous relationships and he has 5 from previous relationships). It will be worth it all, I know. But it still terrifies me.