13dpo vfl on frer but negative on digital

So today I was 13 dpo (day before expected period) and took a First Response, a dollar tree, and a First Response digital test. I knew my lines were very faint and with my last pregnancy I didn't get a bfp until after my missed period so I'm not sure if this is all in my head or there is still some possibility that I might still be pregnant. With the First Response I got a vfl within the time frame. With the dollar tree test I thought I could see a super faint line but one that deffinetely wouldn't pick up on camera. And with the digital, I got a negative (which I was sortov' expecting considering my lines are very faint). It seems like they are slightly darker than previous days. Also, after the time frame they were even more visible and with some color, especially the dollar tree test. There was a VERY faint line which hasn't happened to any of the other dollar tree tests previously taken, even after the time frame. I still have them all and it's obviouse that there is no line on the old ones, but a vfl on the one taken today. However, I'm confused because the digital test said negative. Has anyone had vfl and tested negative with a digital test? What was your experience and did you turn out to actually be pregnant? Any advice and similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. The first picture is the First Response within time frame, the second it the First Response from yesterday (on top) and from today (on bottom) AFTER time limit, and the last is the dollar tree test after the time limit.