I need opinions on designing a nautical themed nursery

Nadia • Miami ,FL
Hey everyone. 
I'm struggling to choose how to paint my walls . 
I bought a 3 pcs crib set that's all white and a navy glider . 
Now my question is I want to paint the walls navy and white with 1 or more striped walls . (See picture ) 
Should I paint the entire room striped , or all navy or all white or a mix of the three ? 
I think a room all navy may look too dark but I can't visualize it . 
All white being to plain and all stripes may be a bit overboard 
Sorry in advanced if this question is silly but I can't decide and I want it to look perfect . 
Also see the before photo of the soon to be nursury . It was an office and we almost cleared it all out . The room has about 5 walls . Tried taking a panoramic photo (click on image to see full picture )
I also plan to put striped curtains over the balcony  door.