4 days late bfns mild cramping

I have zero clue what to do at this point... I know I have to wait it out. Either a) af will show or b) I'll eventually get my bfp. But its so so hard I had mild cramping start the day my af was due and took the test the same day which was bfn so I figured for sure it was coming. But now four days of nothing and just feeling weirder as the days go. Took a test yesterday bfn although it was fmu and I didn't hold it long but I mean.. Youd think anything would show by now. The only reason I don't think my period is just going to be late is because any time I feel my pre af cramps I usually start to bleed either exactly at that moment or minuets later... I've never cramped and gone four days without bleeding or even spotting. Anyone else in the same boat or have any advice ?