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What are you guys 2 and 3 week old newborn doing...because I'm a first-time mom and I'm just so paranoid and he changes so much every few days and I don't know what's normal and what's not ... I mean I can't call the doctor every day and the type of doctor she is maybe I need a new one she doesn't put my mind at ease so I'm looking to you all.... some days he sleeps and only wakes to eat will stay awake for an hour.

.. some days every time he's awake he cries so I've got a lot of things for a colicky baby like the dr. Brown's bottles I give him the gas drops I give him Gripe Water sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't ...some days he'll lay down and take a nap without me and then somedays he will not let me put him down .....but the one thing that's bothering me a whole lot is how uncomfortable he is when he has a bowel movement the bowel movements are normal they are yellow and soft but he's only having probably two in 24 hours now and it's painful for him and my pediatrician trying to say as long as it's soft how is that normal that he's in pain for like 5 hours out of the day trying to poop but it's normal???