is he a douche?

So I had sex Labor Day weekend, and my boyfriend at the time had this conversation about condoms and birth control and plan B. He's allergic to latex and we both don't trust non-latex ones and he also told me he wanted to cum inside me, but was also worried about Plan B and birth control. I was worried, because I am very forgetful about taking pills which is why I'm not on birth control.  So I was a little upset when he did cum inside and promised to pay me back for Plan B, and I sent him the receipt and now he isn't talking to me and isn't responding to my texts I finally got tired of it and deleted his number and everything. So started to think that was all he wanted after he promised the first time he wouldn't just use me like that. So now I have to worry about if I'm going to have my period or not, I know Plane B can throw it off but, if I am I have no way to tell him.