Can I trust him?

I lost my virginity of September of last year when I was 19 to my present boyfriend who was a first year like me. I had no idea in the first months of our relationship he had a girl before me, nor was I aware a month after he took my virginity he pursued another girl on fb. He brought them to his dorm once a month or so but I was the one who was always around. In December I found out about the first girl, after reading his messages and I asked him to end it, he told me to give a week, still nothing . After we had gotten off Christmas break we got back together after he told me he ended it. I found months later he didn't and he begged me to stay. In March I ended up running into the girl in his room, he was saying he messed up and he dont know who to chose. Eventually he 'according to him' he told he chose me. I knew they still texted, eventually he told me he wanted a break and I said ok. For that week I learned alot and studied, and learned how to keep my cool and just dont be pushy. Exactly one week after I called him for us to watch a movie and he didn't want me to leave and it wasn't because of sex. He said he missed me and I didnt believe him because I obvi wasnt an idoit anymore. After searching his phone his tone towards the girls changed. He told her he wanted to be friends and I decided to give him another shot.

In April he cheated on me with the second girl, apparently he had sex with her twice in December and that April.

After March I just told him fuck it I know my worth and I am done, he took his phone called her, when that didn't work he texted her ' I didn't like you that way and its over. '

Over the summer we grew stronger as a couple he changed his relationship status on fb which he never did before and put my pic as his whatsapp dp, I didn't ask, cause I dislike my business public. I knew he doesn't normally do those things because i read the messages with the girl he was with and she always begged him to do it and he refused. He told her on my request not to text his phone again.

He tell his guy friends that one girl is all he needs now because he has found the one and they should be done with doing that to girls. Mind u these are his friends for 7 years and he wouldn't suspect me in his fb to read his messages.

We live together now his idea, for a test trial, he says he wants to marry me and also he thought it would save me money since i can't afford university and housing.

He told me it took him a while to see what he had was good and that when we took a break that time he really wanted to work out his problems.

I am still paranoid ,maybe more than ever..

After this long story I ask can I trust him? Once a cheater always a cheater please help....

P. S I just want to add I am not innocent myself I cheated on him a couple times with a friend before I know he cheated on me.