Dreamt I got a new job and then found out I had AIDS

So as far as crazy dreams I haven't been having any really not since the 2nd trimester. So let me tell you this dream seemed so daggone real I just  woke in tears disoriented frantically trying to figure out his this happened and when I could schedule an appointment with my primary care physician. So in the dream I'm trying out for a job at like this futuristic jail/prison (don't know why I've never desired to work in a prison or jail) and for new jobs they drug test you and I know at some jails if you're going to be a guard you have to pass a fitness test or basic law enforcement training. Anyhooo that's what I'm assuming I was trying out for once it was like boot camp and after I made it through I'm at the end of the interview process standing in line awaiting graduation basically since we (my fellow applicants) and I had done well when I got lightheaded and passed out  in the dream. So they take a blood sample (should have known it was a dream right there) and it comes back positive for AIDS and I'm immediately worried about my baby because I didn't tell them so that I'd get hired, and all the medical peeps just look at me with pity like there's nothing that can be done. So I call my sister in my dream and I'm sobbing to her when I wake up. I trust my husband implicitly so my first thought was my recent vaccination was actually the virus and conspiracy theory abound. Then as sleep fully came off I realized it was just a crazy Ass dream and that I don't have AIDS.