... pregnancy hormones vent

Nicoli • Single mom,8 yr old girl & newborn baby boy

so im a single mom of an 8 year old pregnant with my second... my oldests dad is somewhat stepping up for his daughter and came out to see her for a few days after 8 years if nothing... and my unborn sons dad is throwing a hissy.. today i went from one extreme of anger to just bursting into tears and i think i scared both of the dads cause they both just were like umm im sorry what can i do ... im so tired and my poor kids dads are acting like kids too and im working and providing for my kids and all i ask from either one is if he wants to be a part of his kids life to be actively in thier lives because id rather they be present then just a name on a card with a gift or money..

and im not asking advice or anything so for those women who will undoubtly say.. you should have chosen better or anything along those lines.. there is a lot more behind why i am not with either man and why my oldests dad was not around for 8 years its long and convoluted and not important ... what is imoortant is the swing in hormones from anger/frustration to total break down crying tears and sobbing .. which never happened before