39 weeks and sick with a cold 😩

I don't want to sound complain-y because I HATE that but I'm almost 39 weeks - I have my C-Section scheduled (breech baby) in 6 days and I am SO sick. As in a cold. My nose is stuffed, throat is so sore, coughing up a lung and my head is hazy. I haven't been sick this entire pregnancy and then I get a horrible cold 6 days before I give birth? Wtf. Really hoping it clears up before then, I know I can't take anything so I'm just trying to ride it out with the natural remedies. Having a horrible cold on top of all the aches & pains of late pregnancy is HORRIBLE. Not to mention I look like I got hit by a truck when my self confidence is at its very lowest. Any one else get sick at the end of pregnancy? Any advice?