What a freakin bummer!!

Brittany • 25, married, one child and pregnant with my second
My husbond is mad at me this morning, didn't even do Christmas with my son and I, last night he had an overnight shift 5 am til 6am this morning. He wanted to set the train set up we got, and put the gifts under the tree... I told him that I would do it, that way he could just come home and get acouple hours of sleep... He didn't like that and said no.... So  my stupid self wanted to do something nice... I set the train set up for him... He for home was ok with it and went to sleep for acouple of hours now my son woke up and ready to open gifts my husbond goes out to turn the train on and our roommates tell him they helped me, now he is pissed cuz I had them help!!! Grrrr