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I am canceling my baby shower. I don't have a location. My SO and I are not financially in a great place, and I'm not trying to spend a lot of money on a shower. I am now being informed we can't have the shower at the house (where we live) because suddenly the flor boards need to be changed next year 😕. Renting a space is obviously going to cost something that I am not willing to spend. Other cost free options have already become not an option and the house was the last free option. I'm DONE! I don't want to a SHIT ELSE to do with this fucking shower BULLSHIT! I am tired of going back and forth! I'm tired of having to soend fucking money on shit that is not getting us closer to our goals! I'm tired of me not making the money I should, so I COULD have the money to throw at a fucking shower! I just want to make money and have this fucking baby and not deal with all these extra ass people in this fucking house! I'm so fucking tired of ALL THE PEOPLE ALWAYS AROUND ASKING TRISTAN FOR SHIT OR TO DO SHIT! I NEED MY OWN FUCKING SPACE! I feel like I'm being such a bitch BUT FUCK IT ALL! LET MY REAL PREGNANT ASS BE A BITCH I DONT FUCKING CARE!