Sick of hearing "When can I test?!"

If you're new to TTC and are genuinely asking for the first time when to take a pregnancy test - please ignore this. 
But for those of us who have been trying for some time and are just starting the TWW, for the love of cheese nips STOP IT. You can't get a BFP the second you conceive. Sure, it's possible to get one at 6DPO but why do you keep asking the rest of us if you should test now? UM, probably not, but you're probably going to anyway so why even post about it? Oh now you're upset that you got a BFN? Shocking. 
Look. I know you're anxious and excited and just really want to me a mom. Me, too. But please, if AF isn't due in a few days, or it's not due now, or you aren't late, just stop asking me if it's too soon. IT'S TOO SOON. 
Had to get that off my chest.