I feel like my body turned on me

Lola • Tristan’s mommy 🌈
So I recently lost my baby. I was 10 weeks and 6 days and I started bleeding I ended up in the hospital over the weekend where they told me the baby had no heartbeat. My fiance and I were torn apart. We still are. I decided to go natural with letting my body expel the " none viable " tissue from my uterus. The pain was excrutiating and it was all for nothing. This happened wed night 10/12 and all of a sudden it's 10/13 and I look like I was never pregnant. I feel like my body just turned on me and didn't care about my feelings. It sounds kinda dumb but I'm sure some of you can agree. I went from a cute little baby bump to a flat tummy, even flatter than before I found out I was pregnant. I never thought I would hate the way my flat stomach looked since I have always prided myself in being thin fit. Now I'm kinda lost. I don't like looking down at my stomach at all. My fiance has to refrain from rubbing my belly and it's just a moment we both notice and feel pain in. 
How did you all handle it ? This was my first pregnancy and it truly made me not want to have another one.