My 34+2 weeks!!!

Yanika • Mom of the best boy in the universe:)
I am so tired of being pregnant., can't wait to meet my little girl;) suprisingly with this pregnancy (second pregnancy) i am not gaining lots of weight., but ultrasound at 31 weeks showed baby is doing just fine, she was 1,8 kilos... And everything is in normal range. But may be due to the fact that she is so compact its super hard for me to breath after long walks, and i can't really eat everything i want... Because i feel like theres no room... Which is sad... ;( first pregnancy was way easier., i was eating and sleeping a lot... But now having 19 months old toddler its seems impossible., anyways i am so thankful that i have this chance to be pregnant and have a second child... Always wanted big happy family., so just need to wait a bit and things will be okay again... )