Working OFF the clock, Would you?

Mexiflower • Hi im Christine. and we are trying for our last baby:) i have a girl12 boy10 girl5 boy4 girl1

Ok so ive been working for my new job front desk at a hotel for 6 working days. 2wk Standing on my feet allday 32wk pregnant.we are under new management as off 5 days ago. And some ppl left we are exteremly short handed.

So much so i work a double shift (14.38 hr) yesterday to come,home finish a cake for my side work, get 4hr of sleep to wake up to work 6am to 2pm.

This is not the firat time someone clocked me out without asking. But i didnt have work left over so i didnt say anything. Today second ahift clocked me out at 2pm because" its the end of your shift we are only allowed 40hr" new management didnt do their job on time so i couldnt do mine which left work that rolled over to second shift. I could have finished. And was working for 15min before i realized i was clocked out.,i stopped working and told the girl. As nice as i could lol. " Please dont touch my time card again. Thats my livelyhood and if im expected to finish my job, i expect to get paid."

Girl says: o i know your new but thats what we do. We clock out,on time and finish working.

Lmao um no sry not sry but i have 3kids 4dogs two cats a husband. And a baby on the way. Plus bills and a mortgage to pay. Food and gas and anything else my family,needs. Im WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE! Esp after pulling a double to do a turn around 32wk pregnant. Needless to say i told her what wasnt dont what needed to be done and i left

Btw im army reservist(7yr e5) who has to work this wkend from 7-6 sat and sun. And turn around and go back to work monday till my day off on friday.too pregnant and too busy to be dealing with some bullshit!

O they want me to fill in sunday after my job if i can. THE BULL SHIT KEEPS COMING LOL.

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