Need advice


Ok so let me start by saying good luck to you all.

My story starts after I got my iud put in aug. 2008 right after my son was born. I gained some weights but other then that it was great, about 2 years ago I had it take out. I've had really irregular cycles since. It got really bad last December (2013) when I missed my first cycle. Then January came it was light and short, we thought we might have been pregnant. Came back negative. Didn't have another one till September it was normal skipped October and had one November. Well the last week I'd say I've been really nauseated, extremely tired, food cravings and likes have changed a bit, dizzy, pee a little more then usual, slightly tender breasts, and a few other symptoms. I'm nervous about taking a test because I hate the idea of disappointment again. But with irregular cycles it makes it worse. Anyone else have these issues??