Could this be my Month??

Ever since I ovulated I had a strong feeling I was pregnant...
1-3dpo: feeling a bit gassy, a bit of twinges in my stomach 
3-6dpo: still gassy getting headaches 
On 5dpo: I started to get a brown discharge and thick cm there was a lot
6dpo: every time I would wipe id have thick cm with blood it in also spotting pinkish 
7dpo: spotting pinkish not a lot but noticeable even when wiping with thick cm
8dpo: I had bad severe af cramps I couldn't move I was in so much pain curled up in a ball.. Also I was throwing up a lot as well really yellow pinkish throw up all water too I couldn't eat or sink anything 
9dpo: I' was still a bit sick to my stomach it was still having a bit upset feeling a lot of dry cm in undies a lot(tmi) also the next day I had a lot of lotiony cm 
10-14dpo: tired, sore boobs,head aches , body aches and a bit dull cramping 
I'm now 17dpo and still no sign of af I've tooken test on 9dpo,10dpo and 11dpo I've gotten all bfn 
I'm now 4 days late still not one sign of Af