Pain and cramping yet still neg opk!!

Renae β€’ πŸ’™ '09....πŸ’™ '11....πŸ’” '14.... πŸ’” '14....πŸ’” '15....πŸ’” '16....πŸ’” '17....πŸ’œ 12/12/17
Late last night and during the night I was getting a dull pain in my left side along with mild cramping...I'm sitting watching tv and saying to myself "hmmm I wonder if this means I'm finally ovulating?!?" The cramping still continued into the night and early this morning....yet when I took a test this still said negative!! Is it possible to have missed the surge if I did ovulate or would it still pick up this morning?? I'm starting to loose all hope and hubby has to travel again today