Does it count?

Okay so, I'm 16, we'll just start with that. In 2014 I was dating this guy as and 8th grader, he was a senior, yeah I know it's bad. Anywho, he was one of those guys who was a jerk but i was dumb enough to try and stay with him by giving into sex (It was dumb). He definitely wasn't the one because he broke up with me a week later. Little asshole. We had sex twice but I realized you know, I hardly felt a thing because of his "centimeter peter" and that he never even "popped my cherry" or anything, and it lasted like 20 seconds. Well 1 1/2 I met my current boyfriend (who was a virgin) and I had told him about the guy before stating that I wasn't a virgin. 3 months later we had sex for the first time and it hurt and all that stuff and I bled quite a bit. ( I didn't with the first guy). So I was just wondering what yall thought about it, does it count as losing my virginity with the first guy if I barely felt a thing and he didnt pop my cherry?