Test problems

Okay ladies debating on what is going on with my body and wondering if I should just go to my dr. 
First I had a very very light period the 11-12 of November I wouldn't even say it lasted a full 24 hrs that's how short. Then on the 29th of November I spotted for 20 mins stoped for a couple hrs and spores again but it was really light and only did it when I had a sharp pain on my left side. Then I was suppose to get my period again this mouth 11-13 but Af hasn't shown and I have tested a week after Af was suppose to show got a bfn so I decided to wait a bit longer so I tested today and again looks like a bfn  but my Dh thnks that there was a little slight line on the test to say positive.. Should I test again or give up go to the dr and see what's going on?