what do I do?! racist comments from my BF.

I'm not trying to start a race thing here... but I was just taken back by a remark my boyfriend made today. Just to get things started, I'll mention we are both white (sorry, but as non-racist as I am, i am definitely NOT politically correct and will be using the terms "white" and "black" instead of "Caucasian" and "African American". Just easier)
Anywho - we were only dating for 5 months (but we have been friends since we were 13... for 15 years now) when I got pregnant and now I'm 7 months along and we are expecting a little girl. We were talking about random things tonight and I said something along the lines of "my grandma would of disowned me if I brought a black guy home" (let's face it, our older generation was raised in a racist world... we can't change their attitudes towards it. We can only have our own attitudes towards other races.) and at this point, my boyfriend said "oh! if she (as in our daughter) brings home a black guy, I will flip a switch!" I was a little taken back by this. I didn't know he was racist!! So I said "what if he's a nice respectful boy that treats her right?" And he scoffed and said "hah! n*ggers like that don't exist" 😳😳😳 I don't... what do I... WHAT?!?! I mean, it's too late... I'm having a child with this man! And up to this point, he has been perfect in my eyes. Race has never came up for us to discuss and now I'm viewing him in a whole new light! What do I do? I WILL NOT raise my daughter with hate in her heart! I refuse to let him instil that attitude in her. 
How do I handle this?!?! She's not here yet but any parenting advice?