help what did I do?

Ok so my bf is away for the weekend and he comes back tomorrow, so I was texting him just like normal and this is what happened...
We were talking about hanging out earlier he asked if I wanted to hang tomorrow and I said I couldn't cause I promised my girlfriends I would hang with them but then they canceled,and so I asked him if he still wanted to hang and he said no that he made plans with his friend. So I was like ok sounds good (I just figured we would hang another day) then he was like do you want me to cancel with him. And I said no that he didn't have to cancel his plans for me and he was like why so I said cause I didn't want him to not hang with his friends for me. He was like ok and then I told him I was going to bed and said goodnight and he was just like "night" which he never just says that so I asked if he was ok and he just said  "fine... just go to bed" and I asked what's wrong and he just brushed me.
Then I sent
Babe if you're mad about us hanging or not hanging out tomorrow, I'm sorry, I just don't want to be the girl that takes you from your friends, I want you to have close friends that you hang out with. I want you to have your own life and do with it what you want. If you rather hang with me than just tell me. If you rather hang with nick than just tell me that too. In no way would that upset me cause he's like one of your best friends and you should hang out with him. 
And he legit just brushed me off and said we'd talk in the morning. I have no clue what's going on or what I did wrong can someone please tell me, why I did or why this would make him so mad?