Idk what to do

So I'm 17 years old and my boyfriend is 20. My parents never have let me date before until now but anyways they are always giving me advice my dad does not like my boyfriend that much ... He is always telling me to be careful with him and how he is not gonna be around forever but that's not how my boyfriend is like sometimes I question my boyfriend because of my parents like I don't have a mind of my own ... Like I feel like my dad is right but at the same time I totally disagree with him. I don't know like because of my parents I'm scared to have sex with my boyfriend I don't know what to do.... Like I'm scared that because I don't listen to them and do my own thing something bad is going to happen to me but at the same time I wanna live my life but my parents have such a huge effect I hear there voice . does anybody understand me? I need some advice has anybody else felt the same way I do?