vagina doing weird things

Okay so I plan to see a gyno soon, but I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem. 
About two years ago I started dating my boyfriend, we have never used condoms and always done withdrawal for birth control. When we first started having sex I noticed the sent of my urine had changed drastically, and I didn't think it was normal but just figured it was my body getting used to his forgin bacteria. But, about a year ago I noticed what I had thought to be a UTI, so I "cured" it and moved on. Now, the UTI symptoms are back except the smell of my urine has changed AGAIN. Now it smells like straight up seafood and I'm concerned. 
Also today after sex something that has never happened before has happened. The opening of my vagina became so swollen it was uncomfortable for me to shut my legs. Almost like I had another set of lips, so swollen to about the diameter of my ring finger and bright red. Also I was in able to keep any fluid in while my vag was like this and I was dripping everywhere. It was painful and itchy and terrible. I don't know what is going on. Anyone else have some of these symptoms?