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Hi girls,  
I need some opinions. I'm a freshman in college and I met this guy named Justin a month and a half ago and he was really into me. We started talking and stuff he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him as well. He's in a frat and lives in a house so I went over a couple of times and I've cooked for him and just played with his dogs and stuff. He hadn't kissed me and we were talking for about three weeks. He then told me he likes me so much but since he's a senior in college he's worried about how things will be in the future for us. So we decided we should stop talking because a relationship just wouldn't work. I went to a party at his house Friday and he texts me since he's the dj that all the songs he was playing were directed towards me. He asked me to go dance with him at the dj booth and I told him I couldn't that I was with my friends. Then he texted what if I come to you? AND next thing I know he comes up to me and tells me he has been thinking about me all night. So we danced and by the end of the night he walked me home and was telling me how much he liked me and he really wants us to workout but he just overthinks a lot of stuff. We both like eachother a lot but feel it's not gonna work out b/c were at different times in our life. WHAT should I do? Should I just say fuck it and date him? Or remain civil without dating which is so hard considering we have really strong feelings about eachother