Lot of drama on here in the past few months, so here's a light topic. This is the only place I can think to ask!

I've had a thousand purses, but none are ever the right size. I need to start carrying one, because I'm getting older and gathering up things I need to have with me at one time, and pockets just keep getting SMALLER. I want a medium size purse, not a clutch or a crossbody. Something big enough to hold a water bottle and a wallet, plus some other small stuff. What's a good place to go shopping for purses? I don't want to spend $200 on something. I don't care if it comes from walmart, but I don't want Fossil or something that's costs more than health insurance. Lol I just want a nice purse that will hold up, and hold my things, and not put my bank account in the red! Feel free to post pictures of yours and where you got it, or just ideas of where to look! ?