Immunisations help - rotovirus opinions please

K • 22. mum to baby boy :)
Hi, im from New Zealand so if anyone from here can comment that would be great. I dont know if other countrys have the same immunisations but if the do please comment aswell :) my boy is 5 weeks today so almost ready for 6 weeks jabs and im definately getting him the standard immunisations, im just unsure of the rotovirus one and im on the fence about it as i have read it causes vomiting, diareha and stomach cramps and you have to be careful not to touch their poo for a week or something. Im just interested in people opinions about what they chose to do and if your baby had any side effects to this? Please no horrible comments i just want to hear opinions so i can be happy with whatever decision i make. And yes i know all babies are diffrent etc.. thanks