Cm or semen?? That is the question

SheRa • Expecting a baby girl 2/18/2020
Hi girls, thought I would post a test I have been reading up on. I have irregular cycles so this cycle, I have been checking my CM. However I started to worry that I was confusing DH's swimmers with CM! So I found out there's a test you can do to determine which one it is. Collect the CM as normal on your finger and deposit in a cup of water.If it is SEMEN it will FLOAT or DISSOLVE.If it is CM it will SINK. I will continue reading up on it to make sure it's totally correct so as not to mislead anyone.   Oh and I am terrible at opks I've never had a positive one and I've been pregnant twice sooo I will try to observe my cm for a couple months to see how this goes. Good luck ladies